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Here are some guides to walk you through the basics of using the website. If you hold your mouse over one of the videos, you will see a Picture-In-Picture icon (shown in picture below). If you click this, it will pop out the video so you can mimic the process while staying on the same page. This function is not available in all browsers.

Picture-In-Picture icon
Click to pop out the video so you can follow along while staying on the same page

Login and Basic Profile creation

Click the video to the right and see a quick demonstration on how to login using your MUFON credentials, as well as setting up some basic information on your profile.

Extended Profile creation

Click the video to the right to see a short walk through of how to add more information in widget form to your profile display. This section is totally optional on your part.

Basic Usage

Click the video to the right to see a short walk through of how to use the site. Topics covered are Newsfeed, Observer Groups, Observers, How to Post, How to Join Groups, How to Send Messages, How to make Friend Requests, How to Report posts/users, How to Block a User.

How to make a post

Watch this video to see all the options you have when you make a post. Covers how to make photo posts, slideshows, polls, quotes. Also how to restrict viewing to certain segments of the site.

How to filter the Newsfeed

This video explains how you can filter content in the Newsfeed that is directly relevant to you, your friends, and your groups. This should help you get to your information faster.

Forgotten in the video: You can stop following conversations by clicking Unlike. See video for more details about like/unlike.

How to Delete / Pin Posts

This video explains how to remove content you have posted. It also will explain how to “pin” a post at the top of the group Newsfeed if you are a group administrator.